Russia started provocations in eastern Ukraine? The Kremlin spokesman takes the floor

– So far, all these statements have been groundless and have not been confirmed in any way – a spokesman for President Vladimir Putin told TASS on Friday.

Meanwhile, the representative of the administration of the US President, Joe Biden, in an interview with PAP said thatthe Osian army is planning a provocation with the use of saboteurs deployed earlier in the Donbass, and that the operation may take place in the next few weeks.

Russia is preparing to attack Ukraine?

Russia is preparing the ground to have the option of fabricating an invasion including through sabotage and information operations, by accusing Ukraine of preparing the upcoming attack against Russian forces in eastern Ukraine, said the representative of the US authorities.


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The operations are to precede a military intervention between January and February – provided that the Russian authorities decide to attack. The saboteurs were to be specially trained in fighting in urban space and sabotage against Donbas separatists.


According to the Biden administration Russia Strengthens Narrative About “Deterioration of Human Rights in Ukraine” and the radicalism of Ukrainian leaders, paving the way for the accusation of the West of provoking a war. The official did not provide specific examples, nor did he directly answer the question of how much specific information the US has about the planned provocations.

The first news about Russian activities was provided by CNN, followed by other media, including Politico, Buzzfeed and Foreign Policy.

Zelensky calls for an interview

On Friday, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, proposed that Joe Biden conduct trilateral talks with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin – said the head of the office of the president of Ukraine, Andriy Yermak. – For now, we are waiting for a reaction, but I can say that our American partners showed some interest in our proposal – emphasized Zelensky’s closest associate, quoted on Friday by the Ukrainian Pravda portal.


In turn, the United States offered Ukraine help in investigating Friday’s cyberattack on government websites – the spokeswoman of the National Security Council at the White House announced on Friday. The US has not yet identified the perpetrator of the attack, she added.

According to the Ukrainian authorities, several dozen Ukrainian government websites fell victim to a massive cyber attack. About 70 websites of various national and regional structures were affected by the attack on Thursday night. – Wiktor Żora, a representative of the state special communications and information protection service, reported during the briefing. A message appeared on the pages – with clear linguistic errors – in Russian, Ukrainian and Polish, saying that hackers obtained data on Ukrainians and mentions, inter alia, Volyn slaughter.




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