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The text, which appeared on February 26 in the Ria Novosti news agency, reads: “Ukraine is back in Russia, the era of the Russian world’s diaspora is coming to an end”. And again: “Western domination is over”

MOSCOW – The time is far from uncertain. At eight o’clock in the morning. And perhaps it had to apply to everyone. On the morning of February 26, a curious analysis written by one of the most expert commentators of the newspaper was published on the Ria Novosti website, the state press agency, distiller of government officialdom. “Ukraine is back in Russia, the era of the diaspora of the Russian world is coming to an end”.

The author has another name, but it looks like the summary of the personal interpretations of history made by the Russian president in the last few weeks.

Agree, is a mistake. It happens that in a hurry an article is published that gives for fact something that is not yet.
But now it turns out that also on the Sputnik television channel and its website, and on that of another government head, at the same time of the same day, the same article had appeared celebrating the Russian victory after only two days of fighting in Ukraine. And therefore the hypothesis of a triumphal comment that explained the intentions of the Kremlin, to be transmitted to unified networks, takes shape.

In the document, Europe and the European Union are described as “ungrateful and ungrateful”, especially forgetful, “because their birth was only possible thanks to our efforts”. “Russia is recreating its historic unity: the tragedy of 1991, this terrible catastrophe of our history, has finally been overcome ». There was no other choice, according to the enthusiastic columnist. “With the decision not to leave the solution of the Ukrainian question to future generations, we can say without a minimum of exaggeration that Vladimir Putin has placed a huge responsibility on his shoulders “. But luckily, everything went well. “Our problem was the complex of being a divided and humiliated nation, which began when Mother Russia began to lose pieces of her territory and then was forced to reconcile with the idea of ​​being divided into two states and two peoples. Now the problem no longer exists: Ukraine has returned to being Russia. This does not mean that its institutions will be canceled, but they will be rebuilt and will return to their original condition, being part of the Russian world ».

In this scenario of overwhelming victory and breathlessness, the West is a stammering extra, capable only of underestimating Putin’s strength. “Could anyone in Paris and Berlin really believe that Moscow would give up on Kiev? America and Europe did not have the strength to keep Ukraine within their sphere of influence. More precisely, they had only one strategy: to bet on the collapse of Russia. But it has been clear for almost twenty years, from Putin’s speech in Munich in 2007, that pressure from the West would not have produced any results, because Russia has always been ready to face them, morally and at a geopolitical level “.

But the great Ukrainian victory, where exactly should it lead us? The author offers us Putin’s answer through a third party. “At the building a new world order, which is accelerating and at the same time affecting the edifice of Anglo-Saxon globalization. A multipolar world is finally becoming a reality ».

The last lines of the article are the most important, because reveal Putin’s vision and goals. “This is a conflict between Russia and the West, a response to the advance of Atlanticism … Russia has not only launched a challenge, it has shown that Western domination is now over. China, India, the Islamic world and Africa, Southeast Asia, all have understood thanks to us that the era of global domination of the West is now over ”.

There is almost all of Vladimir Putin’s thinking. Only a few details are missing.
The war didn’t just last two days. And then, a thought, just one, for the Ukrainian people, would have made a good impression on him.
A photo of the Maiden square in Kiev was chosen to accompany the article. If nothing else, it reveals from the outset what the Kremlin’s intentions were.

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