Russia. The clinic owner Omikron has filed a lawsuit against WHO

– We deal with health and we do not want the “omicron” to be associated with harm to human health. Our task is to prohibit the use of the word “omicron” in the context of a variant of the coronavirus, Padar told the daily “Kommersant”.

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The suit was filed with an arbitration court in the Moscow region. The WHO office in Moscow is the defendant. The businessman assured that he is the owner of the Omikron trademark. In the lawsuit, he asked the court to prohibit the WHO from using the name in the context of the coronavirus outbreak because it “damages the company’s reputation”. He also indicated that he spent a lot of money on advertising to make the name of his clinics recognizable.

The clinics owned by the entrepreneur operate in the Novosibirsk and Kemerovsk oblasts of Siberia, in a total of 11 cities. The first clinic opened in 2015.


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