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President Vladimir Putin would like to achieve rapid peace in Ukraine and end the war “as soon as possible”; at least according to the Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan. But the signals coming from Moscow in the opposite direction. The Russian Duma, the lower house of Parliament, approved a bill on Tuesday 20 September that modifies the penal code and introduces rules that suggest that general mobilization is closer.

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According to the new law, those who oppose military service during the period of mobilization or martial law risk imprisonment for up to 15 years, the state agency Tass said, which reminds that this crime is currently punishable with sentences of up to five years. Furthermore, changes have been made to art. 332 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation concerning the “non-execution of an order”. Penalties of two to three years are now foreseen for a subordinate who opposes an order given by a superior “during a period of martial law, in times of war or in conditions of armed conflict or combat operations”.

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Not only that, the refusal to “participate in armed forces or hostilities” includes arrest for up to six months or detention in a disciplinary military unit for up to two years. Even more severe penalties, between 3 and 10 years of imprisonment, if the offense is committed “during martial law, in wartime or in conditions of armed conflict or combat operations, as well as for refusing to participate in military or military operations. hostile, which led to serious consequences “.

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Squeeze that provoked the indignant reaction of Kiev, “Naive blackmail with threats and horror stories of ‘referendums’, ‘mobilizations’ by those who only know how to fight with children and peaceful people. This is what the fear of defeat looks like. enemy is afraid, manipulates primitively. Ukraine will solve the Russian question. The threat can only be eliminated by force “, writes on telegram Andriy Yermak head of the office of the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, also referring to the referendums announced in the regions of Kherson and Luhansk for the annexation to Russia and set between 23 and 27 September.

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