Russia, trap call to son Peskov: “Go to war”

“I’ll work it out on another level.” The young son of the Kremlin spokesman, Nikolai Peskovthus replied to an activist of the team of the Russian opponent Alexey Navalny who, pretending to be a military officer, asked him if he will present himself at the front in Ukraine as expected for reservists from partial mobilization announced today by Vladimir Putin.

Putin’s announcement came today. 300,000 reservists have been recalled for the war against Ukraine.

“I repeat, we are only talking about a partial mobilization. This means that only those citizens who are in the reserves and above all, those who have served in the armed forces, have certain military specializations and relevant experience will be subject to conscription”, he said. Putin said.

Partial mobilization begins today, according to the Tass agency. Those who are mobilized will have contract military status and receive a suitable salary. The Russian government has received instructions for financing the partial mobilization. The council of ministers, Tass continues, will take steps “to meet the needs of the Russian armed forces, other troops, formations and military bodies”. Regional leaders must provide conscripts in the quantity and timeframe set by the Ministry of Defense for each territory. The decree consists of ten points, but the number seven has not been officially published, Tass said.

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