Russia, TV discovers the ‘real’ war: “Bad news”

The silence of televisions in Russia on Lyman’s defeat does not hide the principle of reality, which is beginning to make its way even on official channels, so – and Vladimir Solovyov spoke in these terms last night – in the immediate future “we must not expect Good news”. Those who admit the existence of problems at the front attribute them exclusively to the latest generation weapons that NATO sends to the forces in Kiev, respecting the new leadership narrative to the letter.

On Perviy Kanal, war correspondent Dmitry Kulko overturned the reality and explained that “in the last month, since Kiev announced its offensive on Lysychansk, the 20-kilometer front line has been transformed into a graveyard for Ukrainian fighters. “. NTV correspondent Anatoly Mayorov quoted Lyman, but in vague terms.

“Kiev sent its most capable units into the Lyman massacre, where we were forced to retreat to different positions due to the threat of being surrounded,” he said in his correspondence. Rossiya 1 has come close to reality on the battlefield: Envoy Yevgeny Poddubny said that Russian forces are trying to establish new defense lines in Kreminna to “prevent the Kiev regime formations from building on their success” and advance towards Severodonetsk.

Leading propagandist Dmitry Kiselyov admitted, with a completely different expression to the usual, a “difficult” situation in the Donbass, while insisting that Russian forces continue to reject the desperate massacre by the Ukrainian military armed to the teeth with the new weapons of the Born “. Deputy Chairman of the Defense Commission of the Duma, Dmitry Sablin, invited as a guest, admitted that Russia desperately needs to” stop to regroup forces “, also due to the lack of means of all kinds, forced to deal with an enemy who has everything.

“We are not watching a TV series. Where we can keep going to the end to see how an episode ends. This is real life. And in real life I would really like us to attack Kiev and bring it down in one day, but I realize that. the 300,000 men mobilized will need time to be trained, to coordinate their combat and to have everything they need to get into battle. This means that for a certain period of time, things will not be easy for us. And now. we must not expect good news. We must arm ourselves with good will and strategic patience. Against whom are we fighting? Satanism in its pure state “, Solovyov said last night, tracing the apocalyptic references used by Putin in his speech on Friday to anticipate a principle, however. of reality.

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