Russia – Ukraine. Media: US President Joe Biden “quietly” approved additional military aid to Kiev worth 200 million

The White House “quietly” approved an additional $ 200 million military aid package for Ukraine in December, CNN and Politico report. The president used a special legal trick to circumvent the procedures.

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According to Politico Biden used a provision that authorizes the president to seek mediation Department of State down Pentagonto hand over US equipment to a country in distress. CNN reports that a new tranche of aid was approved in December.

A source in Congress states that the parliament was officially notified before the end of last year, but the administration made efforts to ensure that – unlike previous packages – information about the last one was not widely disseminated.

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Politico writes that the kit includes, among others radar system and equipment for navybut it is not known when it will be delivered.

“Given that US intelligence has consistently suggested that Russia can launch a full-scale invasion with its full force, this aid would allow Ukraine to inflict additional damage on Russia, but would not significantly alter the outcome of the war,” said Politico, one of Ukraine’s presidential advisers.

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Only last year, according to the State Department USA they sent arms and military equipment worth US $ 450 million to Ukraine; since the invasions of Crimea and Donbass – over $ 2.5 billion.

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