Russia-Ukraine. US President Joe Biden when asked by a Polish journalist: I do not accept Vladimir Putin’s red line

Answering a question from a Polish Radio correspondent in the White House, US President Joe Biden stated that he did not accept the red line set by Vladimir Putin on Ukraine. Earlier, the US president said he was preparing a comprehensive package of countermeasures that would make potential Russian aggression against Ukraine “very difficult”.

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Before departure Joe Biden On the weekend Marine One helicopter to Camp David, the Polish Radio correspondent at the White House asked the American leader whether he accepts Vladimir Putin’s red line on Ukraine.

Biden: I’m going to have a long conversation with Putin

“I don’t accept anyone’s red lines,” he replied. When asked about the potential invasion of Russian troops on Ukraine Joe Biden said that the American authorities had known Russia’s actions for a long time and that he would have a long conversation with Vladimir Putin.

Earlier, the US president announced that the US government was preparing a significant response to a potential Russian aggression in Ukraine. “I am putting together a comprehensive package of tangible steps that will make it very, very difficult to implement Putin’s plans that everyone is afraid of,” said Joe Biden.

The US president added that he and members of his administration are consulting Ukraine and European allies on this matter.

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According to unofficial information, the videoconference of the US and Russian leaders is expected in the coming days.

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