Russia-Ukraine war, the direct – Raid also in the west of the country. Biden: “Putin is the aggressor, he will pay the price”. Kiev accuses: “Fake attacks in Belarus to bring Minsk to fight”

Kiev: “Belarus will invade Ukraine by today”

According to Ukrainian military and officials, Belarus is preparing to invade Ukraine by 9pm local time today (8pm in Italy). TheUkrainska Pravda. “Ukrainian authorities suggest that Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the military to carry out one provocation with an air raid by Russian airplanes on the border between Belarus and Ukraine, and Lukashenko to start preparing the offensive of the Belarusian armed forces by 21 March 11 ”, writes the daily.

According to reports from some Ukrainian media citing a prisoner – the deputy commander of the 47th Russian aviation regiment, Maxim Chrishtop – the Russian forces were aware since January the future participation of Belarus in hostilities. From January, according to the prisoner, the supply of ammunition for conducting air attacks began and at the same time, with the Belarusians, exercises with low altitude flights and exercises for the destruction of air defense systems began.

Macron: “Impossible accelerated procedure for Ukraine joining the EU”

“I understand very well the emotion and the expectations present. Yesterday the European Council expressed a strong and clear message regarding the European destiny of Ukraine ”. But “we can have one accelerated procedure with a country at war? The answer is no“. This was stated by the French president, Emmanuel Macron, responding to a question on Ukraine’s request for EU membership, at the press conference at the end of the informal European Council in Versailles.

Mariupol Municipality: “1,582 residents killed since the beginning of the invasion. The occupiers will burn in hell “

Almost 1,600 people were killed in Mariupol since the beginning of the invasion. The city hall announces it on its Telegram profile: “1,582 Peaceful Mariupol residents were killed by Russian occupation forces in a 12-day city blockade and merciless shelling of residential neighborhoods. Each occupant will burn in hell. We will never forget and never forgive this crime against humanity, against Ukraine, against Mariupol ”, reads the message.

Zelensky-Biden phone call on aid and sanctions

In a telephone interview held today, Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelensky “agreed on the introduction of further help in support of the Ukrainian defense and a increased sanctions against Russia ”, the Ukrainian President announced. Zelensky also briefed Biden on the situation on the ground and Russia’s crimes against civilians.

Biden: “If it uses chemical weapons, Moscow will pay a severe price”

“If he will use chemical weapons, Moscow will pay a severe price “. US President Joe Biden said this, stating that he did not want to divulge intelligence information.

Biden: “NATO-Russia clash would be the third world war”

“We will defend every single inch of NATO”. US President Joe Biden reiterated this, underlining that “the US will not fight a war against Russia”, because a direct confrontation would cause “World War III”

Biden: “Putin is the aggressor and must pay the price”

“Putin is the aggressor par excellence and must pay a heavy price”. This was stated by US President Joe Biden speaking from the White House.

The US revokes Russia’s “favored nation” status in the WTO

The United States revokes Russia’s “favorite nation“Within the World trade organization (WTO) effectively putting an end to normal commercial relations and opening heavy duties on products Made in Russia. This was announced by President Joe Biden.

Biden: “Stop fish, alcohol and diamonds from Russia”

“The free world has united against Putin”. US President Joe Biden said this when announcing the new measures against Russia. A ban on “fish, spirits and diamonds” from Moscow, including caviar and vodka, was also announced.

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