Russia will resume gas supplies to Italy: agreement between Gazprom and Eni. The release thanks to a deposit of 20 million euros

The flow of gas from the Russia toItaly will resume. It ensures it Gazprom. The transfer of methane through theAustria it had stopped last Saturday. “Gazprom and Italian buyers – reads a note from the company quoted by the Russian press agency Tax – managed to agree on the format of cooperation among the regulatory changes in Austria at the end of September. The Austrian operator has communicated its willingness to confirm the transport appointments of Gazprom Export, which makes it possible to resume supplies of Russian gas through Austrian territory ”. To confirm everything was also Eni: “The resumption of supplies was made possible by the resolution by Eni and the parties involved of the constraints deriving from the new legislation introduced by Austrian regulatory authorities“. The supplies had been interrupted last October 1st – explained the company – due to “the declared impossibility of transporting gas through Austria” motivated by Gazprom.

Eni, by reporting on its website, does not specify the initiatives implemented, but based on what has been argued in recent days by the CEO Claudio Descalzithe company would pay a security deposit from 20 million euros to the Austrian dispatching company to break the deadlock and allow Gazprom to supply gas to Eni at the Austrian exchange point envisaged by the Eni-Gazprom contract.

Simplifying, since last October 1st, in Austria a new legislation has come into force which provides that gas must be delivered by international operators at the border with the country, and not transported internally as was previously the case, and among the requirements of the new regulation there would be a security deposit to be paid to the Austrian operator. Apparently, Gazprom would not have fulfilled and the gas supply would have been blocked.

Last Monday, on the sidelines of the delivery of Eni award 2022 to the QuirinaleDescalzi, asked about how the supply still standing in could be released Austria And Germanyhad said: “We are seeing if we can take over either the transporter or Gazprom, which has not paid 20 million euros as a guarantee to the transporter who has to bring the gas from Austria to Italy” through the Tarvisio, hoping to be able to “solve this problem within this week”. “We are talking about 20 million guarantees on billions of euros of gas that pass through”, he added, “let’s see if we can take over and make this effort – he observed – It is something that could have been avoided”. “It becomes difficult to think that a company that wants to pay in rubles can put guarantees in euros”, Descalzi remarked.

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