“Russia won”, “Soon to tell”. Now Orsini also denies himself

Ukraine is fundamentally lost“. On February 28, one week after the start of Russian hostilities against Kiev, Professor Alessandro Orsini he was already pronouncing his sentence. While the first rockets sent by Putin rained down from the sky, the university professor gave the country led by Zelensky doomed. “If our goal is to save lives we must be very clear: the Russia won“, he explained to the radio news of RSI, the Swiss public service radio and television broadcaster. His words seemed destined to have little room for correction and it was the professor himself who explained why.

Orsini’s initial prophecy

We missed the fundamental point: the fact that Russia has territorial continuity with Ukraine. Which means that if Putin sends 10 thousand soldiers to Ukraine and they are incredibly rejected, he will send another 10 thousand, then 30 thousand, then 50 thousand, then 100 thousand, then 180 thousand … so, Ukraine is basically lost“, Orsini argued, underlining Moscow’s position of ineluctable superiority.”Russia won. He won over the United States, over Italy, over the EU over NATO. If we carry on this war, the people of Kiev will be massacred“, then prophesied the teacher, who would not spare the reproaches of Zelensky and NATO on the televisions hosted in the months to come.

The turnaround on the outcome of the conflict

Well, the conflict actually continued but – net of the human losses unfortunately occurred – the overwhelming dominance of Russia predicted by Orsini did not occur. The professor himself must have noticed. In his today’s comment published on Everyday occurrencethe sociologist has straightened the game with respect to his initial convictions, arriving at the following conclusion: “Perhaps it is too early to determine who won the war“. Slightly different the concept, right? At the start of the conflict, otherwise, all this prudence of judgment had emerged from his words.

Thus, the current one appeared as a turn around, at least in the final conclusions. Basically, in fact, Orsini explained that Russia cannot be considered a loser in the current state of affairs, but on the other hand not even Ukraine can be considered the winner. “If Ukraine had won the war against Russia it should be in a position, at least potentially, of taking away a part of its national territory and wiping it out with its technological-military superiority“, explained the professor, with very different tones and perspectives than when he considered Kiev to be one step away from defeat (“If we carry on this war, the people of Kiev will be massacred“, he said).

The lesson aged badly

Moreover, the news has run its course, with updates and developments that are writing the uncertain destinies of the conflict right now. In the face of Orsini’s badly aged lessons.

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