Russia, young people fleeing after Putin’s speech

Vladimir Putin’s announcement of the partial mobilization in Russia to go and fight in Ukraine has thrown thousands of young Russians into panic. “I don’t want to become cannon fodder,” a 30-year-old Muscovite told the Moscow Times, who collected several testimonies. “My brother is afraid. We are urgently trying to buy him a plane ticket to anywhere,” says the sister of a young man who has just finished his military service. On social media, meanwhile, the images of reservists leaving are accompanied by those of young people who take flight or leave by any means available.

“Of course I’m afraid – says Oleg, 29 – I absolutely want to avoid enlisting. If I had the money I would go abroad”. “People will look for every opportunity to avoid enrollment, someone will go back to university or take a part-time job in the defense sector,” says another Muscovite, who says he is ready to break an arm in order not to leave. “I hope the Muscovites will be spared. I don’t think the authorities want photos of policemen chasing hipsters in the subway,” says journalist Vyacheslav Tikhonov. I have nothing else to hope for “, he adds.

Also increasing the panic is the lack of clarity about who could be mobilized. “The situation is not clear. According to the decree … every citizen of the military reserve can potentially be called”, notes Sergei Krivenko, director of the NGO “Citizens. Army. Law”, which provides legal assistance to Russian soldiers.

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