Russian army in retreat. And Putin threatens an atomic test –

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Crisis leader stirs specter of nuclear evidence at border Kiev “bans” negotiations with Moscow. Zelensky hears Meloni (and Biden)

A nuclear test on the borders of Ukraine? A nuclear weapon in the Black Sea? A test for the Poseidon nuclear torpedo? Questions that alone can unleash terror. And the Times to put them in black and white on the same day that the breakthrough of Ukrainian forces in the Kherson region, the gateway to Crimea and between the areas annexed by the Moscow referendum, becomes reality: the Russian president Vladimir Putin intends to demonstrate his determination to use weapons of mass destruction carrying out a nuclear test on the border with Ukraine. And – adds the London daily – the risk has already been reported by NATO to its member countries in a military intelligence report.

The nuclear train

Fears of an escalation on Ukrainian territory from Kherson to Kharkiv grow, according to Konrad Muzyka, a Polish analyst, the news of a train operated by the Russian nuclear division bound for Ukraine sighted in central Russia and “responsible for nuclear munitions , their storage, transport and delivery to the units “. Most likely goal, according to another source cited by Times, the Black Sea. But the border is not excluded either, although this scenario would involve the risk for Moscow of hitting neighboring Russian cities such as Belgorod. Or, again, the Kara Sea where the homonymous submarine k-329 would be in the process, according to Republicto test the super torpedo Poseidon at sea.

The replica of the Kremlin

And if the Kremlin niche on nuclear power (“Western politicians and heads of state now do a lot of exercises in nuclear rhetoric. We don’t want to take part in this,” replied spokesman Dmitry Peskov), positions in Kiev are tightening up. The territorial integrity of Ukraine is once again subject to the issue, now protected by a decree signed yesterday by Volodymyr Zelensky banning negotiations with the president of the Russian Federation. A closed door that, together with Kiev’s formal request to join NATO, could push Putin with his back to the wall.

The nuclear train

While NATO does not deny the Timesis instead the spokesperson for the White House Karine Jean-Pierre throwing water on the fire stating how “At the moment” there is “no indication that Russia is preparing immediately for the use of weapons.” Softening the tone without giving in to pressure and threats is Washington’s line. In a phone call yesterday afternoon, US President Joe Biden confirmed to his Ukrainian ally Zelensky a new $ 625 million military aid package including new Himars rocket systems. Another smoke in Moscow’s eyes which, as explained by the deputy director of the department for non-proliferation and arms control of the Moscow Foreign Ministry, Konstantin Vorontsov, during a meeting at the UN, “brings closer a direct military confrontation between Russia is born”.

The phone call with Giorgia Meloni

In the same hours that Kiev also collects support from Georgia Meloni – yesterday she had a telephone conversation with Zelensky who reiterated his invitation to Ukraine – however, it is not just nuclear weapons that are scary. After the kidnapping (and release) of the director of the Zaporizhzhia plant, Ihor Murashov, accused by Moscow of having collaborated with Ukrainian intelligence, yesterday the head of Energoatom, the company that manages the plant, Petro Kotin, announced how, in view of the winter, Ukraine is considering restarting two reactors at the plant. The same ones who had been turned off on 11 September for fear of disaster. Nuclear, once again.

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