Russian deputy: “Moscow stop lying about the situation at the front”. Kiev: “The liberation of Luhansk has begun”. Kremlin: “We will take back the territories”

Kadyrov: “Putin appointed me colonel general”

The head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, said that Russian President Vladimir Putin gave him the rank of colonel general, as reported by Tass. “I want to share another good news with you. The president of Russia has awarded me the rank of colonel general. The decree was issued under the number 709. Vladimir Putin personally informed me of this and congratulated me, ”Kadyrov wrote on his Telegram channel.

Russian MP: “Government stop lying about the situation at the front”

“We have to stop lying about the situation at the front.” This was stated by the president of the Defense Commission of the Duma, Andrey Kartapolov, quoted by the Moscow Times. “Now the enemy is on our land. All the border villages of the Belgorod region are practically destroyed. We learn this from everyone, from governors and military correspondents. But the reports from the Ministry of Defense do not change. People know. Our people are not stupid and they see that they do not want to tell them even a part of the truth: this can lead to a loss of credibility, ”Kartapolov told the Solovyov Live program.

Russia: “Atrocity by pro-Kiev foreign mercenaries in Kharkiv”

“Members of the Ukrainian Nazi units and foreign mercenaries are committing atrocities in Ukraine, including in the Kharkiv region, and are shooting at our population only because they live in our region and have not abandoned what they define as occupied territories”. Local pro-Russian leader Vitaly Ganchev said this in Rossiya-24, taken over by TASS.

Schinas (EU vice president): “There are many supporters of Russia in Europe”

“The fake referendums in Ukraine were accompanied by a wave of disinformation, as happened in 2014 in Crimea. At the same time we have seen the same trend also within the European Union, where we see numerous indications of opportunists and supporters within different member states: politicians, deputies, journalists and columnists ”. This was stated by Margaritis Schinas, vice president of the European Commission, opening the debate on disinformation in Strasbourg. “This is the time for Europe to resist and reject Russian propaganda and it is a key priority for all institutions.”

Moscow, Starace meets Russian Deputy Foreign Minister

The Italian Ambassador to Russia, Giorgio Starace, met with Deputy Foreign Minister Serghei Ryabkov today. He announced the Moscow Foreign Ministry, quoted by the Tass agency. The note underlines that “the parties discussed the current situation in relations between Russia and the West and the means to ease international tensions”. The meeting, it is added in the statement, took place on the initiative of the Italian side.

Putin: “Referendums were transparent”

“The results of the referendums” in favor of the annexation to Moscow of the four Ukrainian regions of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia “will not be questioned” because the consultations “were perfectly transparent, convincing and objective”. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, quoted by TASS. (HANDLE).

Putin: “The situation in Donbass will be stabilized”

“The situation in Donbass will be stabilized. Russia will be able to develop these territories easily ”. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, quoted by TASS.

Kiev, “Russian officers leave Snigurivka”

There is still no confirmation, but part of the Russian troops would have left the city of Snigurivka, an important railway hub in the Mykolaiv region: “the officers have left their posts, but the troops are still there”, said the head of the regional military administration Vitaly Kim, commenting on the alleged liberation of the settlement in the region. “We have been waiting for this news for days, but we still have no confirmation,” Kim explained in a briefing, quoted by UNIAN. Snigurivka fell to the Russians in March.

Peskov: “US directly involved in the conflict”

Pentagon statements on Kiev’s possible use of Himars missiles against targets in Crimea confirm that “the United States is directly involved in the conflict, creating a very dangerous situation”. This was stated by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov quoted by TASS. Peskov referred to statements by Laura Cooper, Deputy Secretary of the Pentagon, about Kiev’s possible use of American weapons to carry out attacks on Crimea.

Kremlin: “We will take back the territories”

Moscow will take back the territories of the new annexed regions temporarily abandoned by Russian troops. This was stated by the Kremlin quoted by TASS.

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