Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: we cannot exclude the deployment of troops in Cuba and Venezuela

2022-01-13 16:09, act 2022-01-13 17:26

2022-01-13 16:09

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Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: we cannot exclude the deployment of troops in Cuba and Venezuela
Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: we cannot exclude the deployment of troops in Cuba and Venezuela
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If tensions in relations between Russia and the US continue to grow, it cannot be ruled out that Russian troops will be sent to Cuba and Venezuela, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Thursday.

“It all depends on the actions that our American counterparts will take” – said Ryabkov in an interview for RTVI television.

President Vladimir Putin has warned that Russia may take technical and military steps if the US provokes it and strengthens the military pressure on Moscow, the deputy head of Russian diplomacy recalled.

Ryabkov also said that the refusal by the US and its allies to consider Russia’s key demands for “security guarantees” raised doubts about the continuation of diplomatic talks with the West.

Ryabkov’s statement is a sharp increase in the stake in the dispute between Russia and the West, the background of which is the gathering of over 100,000 people around Ukraine. Russian soldiers, comments the Associated Press agency.

Ryabkov led the Russian delegation during Monday’s talks with the US in Geneva as part of the strategic stability dialogue.

The first meeting of the NATO-Russia Council in 2.5 years was held in Brussels on Wednesday. The allies jointly rejected major Russian security proposals, including guaranteeing a blockade of further NATO enlargement to include Ukraine and other countries that were once part of the USSR, and the withdrawal of Alliance troops and installations to the borders prior to accession, including Polish.

“During the consultations between Russia and the US and NATO in Geneva and Brussels, there were positives, but answers to the fundamental issues are needed, and differences of opinion have been identified about them. This is not good and it can be counted down to the minus of two rounds of talks “- said Pieskow. (PAP)

Russia is disappointed with the West’s reaction to its proposals for Ukraine and European security, but it does not give up on diplomatic measures, said Aleksandr Lukasevich, Russian ambassador to the OSCE on Thursday.

US Ambassador to the OSCE: We have many doubts about Russia’s intentions

We are facing a serious security crisis in Europe and we want to solve it through diplomacy, but we also have many doubts about Russia’s intentions, said Michael Carpenter, US ambassador to the OSCE. If Russia leaves the talks, it will be clear that it has never taken them seriously, he added.

“We are facing a crisis of European security. We hear loud war drums, and the rhetoric has become quite frightening. There are almost 100,000 soldiers on the Russian side of the border with Ukraine. Their presence and exercises with live ammunition raise many doubts about Russian intentions” – Carpenter said, presenting the situation after Thursday’s talks at the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna.

The diplomat emphasized that although the US is committed to continuing talks with Russia, including within the OSCE, as proposed by Poland, it is not clear whether Moscow is taking them seriously.

“If the Russians depart from these talks, it will become clear that they have never taken diplomacy seriously,” Carpenter said, commenting on the statement by the deputy head of Russian diplomacy, Sergei Ryabkov, that Russia sees no sense in continuing the talks. The American emphasized that the US could not agree to negotiate the fundamental principles of the international system or the subject of spheres of influence. (PAP)

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