Russian spies on our tv | Urso Copasir

Russian spies on our TV, Urso (Copasir): infiltrate us too. It’s all part of Putin’s arsenal (Tuesday 10 May 2022)

Propaganda and disinformation do part of the arsenal war of the Kremlin. It is now a de-patented truth. But if to reiterate it these days, it is the president of the Copasir (Parliamentary Committee for the Security of the Republic) Adolfo Urso, then the specific gravity changes. And the question that arises spontaneously immediately after – and that the Committee asks itself – is the one that in an interview on Libero Francesco Specchia poses to the Fdi senator who chairs the parliamentary body. «In Italy there are many Spies Russian? ” And the answer is: “Of course yes, and in the manner that we also described in the last report to Parliament when we dealt with the Biot case”.
Spies Russian in our talk shows: the investigation of Copasir
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