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It would seem that a sensitive girl from Russia won a lottery ticket – an amazing beauty that gave her a chance to live a luxurious life with the most desirable men and a career in the world of fashion. The truth is less romantic – her work is hard and her relationships are difficult. Although she is one of the most beautiful women in the world, Irina Sheik does not pretend that her life is full of roses. Today it is celebrating its 35th birthday.

Miss Chelyabinsk

She was born in a small town in Russia, right on the Kazakh border. Dad worked in a mine, mother taught rhythmics in kindergarten. In their home, music was an antidote to the brutal realities of the 1990s, which made Polish transformation seem easy. At the age of six, Irina began learning to play the piano, then sang in a choir and went to a music school. At the same time, she also survived a seizure. Three masked men entered her house with weapons. Aiming at her head, they asked where the parents keep the money. They beat my father, and finally, scared off by the neighbors, they fled. Later, the family found out that a friend of the house was behind everything, who revealed that all the money – the cash from the sale of the car – was kept in the apartment. – I don’t want to go through my life trusting no one, but I don’t open up to people too quickly – said Irina in the cover interview given to Edward Enninful in the British “Vogue” in March 2020.

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Feelings of helplessness reappeared in her life. When she was 14, her father died of pneumonia, leaving the family in a dire financial situation. The mother, who supported two adolescent girls alone, started working two jobs. She wasn’t really home. From then on, her world was dominated by women: sister, mother and grandmother. – Our women run the whole state. Russian women are really strong – he admits years later in an interview for the New York Post.

After high school, Irina was looking for her own way. She did not want to become a pianist, she decided to study fashionable marketing, but she did not find herself, so she quickly quit and chose to study at a beauty school together with her sister.
It was flourishing at the same time. Classic features – large eyes, expressive eyebrows and lips, and a dark complexion, which he owes to his father’s Tatar blood, caught the eye. Irina was discovered by a scout from the local branch of a modeling agency and invited to a beauty contest. Miss Chelyabinsk 2004 became Miss. It was the beginning of a new, better life.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend

Similar articlesLisa Marie Presley: In the Shadow of Tragedy Natalia Jeziorek Irina Valeryevna Shaykhlislamova became Irina Sheik. On the first covers of Western magazines, he has wet hair slicked back and heavy eye makeup. She doesn’t look like a Russian beauty. Thanks to her darker complexion and feminine silhouette, she looked as if she came from Brazil, especially as she transformed into a sex goddess in front of the camera. Her first major campaigns for Lacoste or Intimissimi revealed the body. In bathing suits and underwear – on the set of erotic photos with Jon Kortajarena for Guess or in the Victoria’s Secret catalog – she felt at ease. The status of a rising star was sealed with a contract with the prestigious agency IMG Models, which she signed in 2009. At the same time, in pictures for Armani Exchange, she met Cristiano Ronaldo, with whom she soon began dating. The turbulent relationship between the world’s most desirable people electrified the gossipy media. In 2010, while he was already dating Irina, the footballer became a father. And while he has not revealed who the baby’s mother is, the media speculated that Cristiano Jr. was born a surrogate.

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In 2014, Cristiano and Irina appeared on the cover of the Spanish “Vogue”. The photo of Maria Testina became a sensation – Ronaldo was completely naked and Irina was wearing a white gown. Does that mean they are married? Instead of getting married, they split up in January 2015.

At the same time, Shayk’s career developed dynamically. The model has appeared in the Kanye West music video “Power”, on the cover of “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue”, which marks the greatest modeling stars, and in countless photo shoots at luxury magazines. It triumphed on the catwalks of well-known brands only after 2016, i.e. after over a decade of work in the industry, but on a grand scale. From Miu Miu shows, in which it is customary to appear very young, even debuting girls, through the catwalks of Marc Jacobs to Givenchy. – I don’t have to look perfect always. Sometimes I don’t look like a supermodel. I’m not perfect, I’m just real – she said at the same time in an interview for “Harper’s Bazaar”.

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Model mother

Similar articlesLady Gaga: Don’t stop dancing!Editors of Irina wiped her tears after breaking up with Cristiano, tying up with the actor nine years older, Bradley Cooper. They did not get married, but quickly decided to start a family. At the Victoria’s Secret show in 2016, Shayk appeared heavily pregnant, and three months later in Los Angeles she gave birth to Lea de Seine Shayk Cooper. As she explained to the media, the first name commemorated her beloved grandmother, Galina, the second referred to a river in Paris.
Irina has always kept privacy. On his Instagram profile, he primarily shares photos from work. Contrary to Hollywood customs, she did not set up social media for her daughter. He also does not give interviews about family life. The media speculated that her relationship with Cooper was in crisis after shooting in “A Star Is Born”, where Bradley reportedly fell in love with his partner on the set, Lady Gaga. Irina began to appear alone on the red carpet, and in the summer she confirmed the separation. As she admitted in an interview with the English “Vog”: – Two cool people don’t have to make a good pair. We were lucky to experience this relationship. Life without him is a new chapter.

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In recent months, the paparazzi have been photographed only in passing. Everything indicates that the 35-year-old model fulfills herself as a mother, and she draws energy from relationships with close people. – Friends and family are the basis of my life. They love me as I am. They come from different countries, have different professions, but they all have a great sense of humor, are strong and creative personalities – Irina admitted in “Harpers”, thinking, inter alia, on Riccard Tisci and Donatella Versace.

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