Ruthless fans demand an explanation about Lady Gaga’s dog walker! “She is soulless”

Lady Gaga and her dog
Author: Guerin Charles / ABACA / Abaca / East News

A few months ago, almost the whole world followed the fate of Lady Gaga’s dogs that had been abducted. The animals were kidnapped and the Dog Walker was shot. The man taking care of the pets was taken to the hospital. The artist offered a huge reward for the finder and paid for the treatment of her employee. Did the help stop there?

Ryan Fischer, employee Lady Gaga is a so-called dog walker, i.e. a person who walks dogs. During a violent robbery, he was shot and hospitalized.

The artist took the bill for the treatment and paid for it all. Now, a few months after the accident, a fundraiser has appeared on the Internet. Ryan Fischer gathers not only for help to deal with trauma, but there are also many indications that it is life. He admitted that he did not have a job or a flat …

Lady Gaga didn’t help? He introduced her dogs, now he is homeless and asks for money …

Lady Gaga being attacked by fans

Lady Gaga fans are shocked by the whole situation. They bluntly called the artist ruthless.

Lady Gaga offered $ 500,000 to find the dogs, but lets her employee fundraise because he is now homeless and still struggling with trauma.

– wrote one of the Twitter users.

I don’t expect much from rich people, but they always amaze me.

– summed up another.

Something is wrong. This woman is soulless after saving her dogs. He’s not helping his dog walker.

There were also those who reminded that Lady Gaga previously, according to tabloids, paid for the entire treatment of the employee.

You think that Lady Gaga will help the dog walker again?


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