Ryan Gosling

According to rumors, Ryan Gosling could be the star of Spy vs. Spy, a film that should have Ron Howard directing.

Ryan Gosling will be the protagonist of Spy vs. Spy directed by Ron Howard? For now the news of the potential project appears only as an unconfirmed indiscretion, however, one of the actors involved in the potential film has shared the articles that talk about the project, fueling the theory that there is something grounded.

The live-action film is based on the comic strip published by MAD Magazine which was published starting in 1961 and was then adapted into an animated version for MADtv. The characters of the Black Spy and the White Spy were created by Antonio Prohías and between the pages are agents who dress equally and constantly try to make their nemesis fail. Tom Fetner should be the Spy dressed in White, while Ryan Gosling the one dressed in Black.

Fetner’s spokesman also revealed that Saoirse Ronan will be the Spy in Gray, with which the Spy in White could have a love story.

Filming should begin in Los Angeles on November 2020 and the project was initially announced in 2011 when it was announced that David Koepp would work on a script by John Kamps.
All that remains is to wait to see if the news initially appearing in a New Jersey newspaper will prove to be well-founded.

Stay Tuned For More Updates.

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