Ryan Reynolds is now the owner of Mint Mobile

Ryan Reynolds is now the owner of Mint Mobile

So that’s what the money he earned with Deadpool was for …

Ryan Reynolds has moved from the movie business to the phone business. The Deadpool actor and Detective Pikachu bought a stake in the wireless provider Mint Mobile.

“It’s somewhat unconventional, that’s why I like it,” Reynolds said in a press release on Monday. “Celebrities generally invest in high-end products such as skin care brands or gin companies. However, Mint is making the wireless connection more affordable at a time when the average American pays the average US $65 per month. I am excited to defend a more practical approach to the most essential technology, “he said.

Reynolds also turned to Twitter to talk about his new business and joked that he will only earn $15 per day, the same amount that Mint Mobile charges for his basic plan

Mint Mobile started in 2016 offering affordable cell phone services on the T-Mobile network.

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