Ryoyu Kobayashi released a lot and made his dream come true. “Expensive in resistance”

The winner of the 4-Hills-Tournament still in Engelberg took his teammate (Naoki Nakamura), cross-country skis and went on a tour. He filmed everything and decided to share his “day in his life” on the web. There would be nothing surprising in this, if not for the fact that he added Polish subtitles to it. Thanks to this, the white and red fans can get to know the jumper a bit closer, who conquered the ski world in several seasons.

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Ryoyu Kobayashi spent a fortune on two pairs of shoes

– Continue the Polish translation or switch to English? – asked the titled Japanese jumper on Twitter. Polish fans are delighted with the 25-year-old’s initiative. – Thank you very much. Good luck in the next competitions. You are an amazing athlete – wrote one of the Polish fans in a commentary under the video on YouTube.

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A few days after the premiere of the first recording with Polish subtitles, the Japanese confirmed that he intends to add such a translation to each subsequent film he publishes on his channel. And it does so. On Monday, he published a video entitled “I dreamed about it”. Jumping fans can see Ryoyu buy his dream shoes.

Footwear is a form of reward Kobayashi gave himself for winning the Summer Grand Prix in Klingenthal. – Recently I said that if I win the competition, I will buy myself shoes – says the leader of the World Cup on the recording. And so he did. Although he had no intention of buying two pairs, he eventually decided to do so. – I’ve always dreamed about them. I’ll take one low and one high. What I will regret – said one of the best jumpers in the world.

He thought for a moment more. “Expensive to fight,” Kobayashi admitted. After a while, however, he made a decision that cost him almost 400,000. yen. This is almost 14,000 in zlotys. “I wouldn’t wear shoes for that much money,” the cameraman argued Ryoyu. – Usually I do not buy such expensive things – replied the jumper. – The prize for winning the competition in the Summer Grand Prix is ​​actually the equivalent of these shoes. A dream to spend all your prize money. It’s like winning twice. A victory you will never forget, Kobayashi said.

Ryoyu Kobayashi is currently the leader of the overall World Cup. He has already won six competitions this season. Only for successes in top-level competitions, he has already earned a total of 222,400 Swiss francs (including 100,000 for winning TCS). This gives about a million zlotys. If the Japanese keeps in shape, he may be tempted to record total earnings in one season of skijumping.

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