S7-zakopianka: tunnel contractor fined by GDDKiA

  • The tunnel was drilled using the ADECO RS method
  • Each pipe in the Zakopane area will be 2.06 km long
  • Thus, the total length is 4 km

The penalty is related to late payments to subcontractors. Subsequent documents are analyzed and if there are any irregularities in them, further penalties will be charged – Iwona Mikrut, spokesman for the Krakow branch of GDDKiA told the newspaper.

It is also not known when the underground facility will be put into use. Still, according to the annex, the binding deadline is February 2022. The first annex was signed after the necessity to carry out additional works in the landslide area in front of the southern portal. With a delay, due to the landslide of the mountain slope in Skomielna Biała, the drilling of the left thread began. This is because the portal had to be redesigned and the landslide secured. First, 21,000 were taken away. tons of soil, and then a palisade of reinforced concrete piles with a diameter of 120 cm was made to protect the landslide and the construction of the ventilation room (exit of the left tunnel).

Currently, GDDKiA is considering another contractor’s application, which this time wants to extend the work for another 2-3 months. He explains his position during the long last winter and the fact that a large part of the employees fell ill with COVID-19 (in October 2020, more than 30 people were informed about the need to isolate).

Therefore, it seems that drivers will enter the tunnel not earlier than in the summer of 2022 (from the moment of the end of works, the time needed for tests and acceptance should also be added).

Construction of a tunnel on the S7-zakopianki route

The two-thread tunnel under Mały Luboń is being built as the main element of the Naprawa-Skomielna Biała section of the S7 expressway, which in the mountain section is called zakopianka. The entire fragment will be 3 km long, of which 2.06 km is the underground structure. Using the ADECO RS method (for the first time in Poland), 1920 m of the right and 1922.5 m of the left aisle were excavated. The remaining parts are designed in a trench (finally to be backfilled).

Photo  GDDKiA

The last days of the tunnel construction were devoted to, among others for concreting the driveway slab, installation of lighting or laying a fireproof coating.

The contract page states that the completion of all works is 70.15%, and the financial 74.94%.

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