Saddlebags: these trendy shorts are the perfect model when you are complex about your cellulite

Should we boycott shorts when we are complex on our saddlebags? Absolutely not ! It is enough just to wear a model adapted to its morphology. Here are the ideal shorts to camouflage those cursed bulges on the buttocks and hips or cellulite on the thighs.

If the shorts are a basic summer wardrobe, many women refrain from wearing them. Because often very short, it is too revealing for many. When we complex on his saddlebags, so we don’t necessarily want to wear low-rise shorts that would reveal what we don’t want to show. However, it is not necessary to deprive yourself. By choosing the good clothes for his morphology, we can indeed hide what bothers us and highlight our silhouette. The right shape of the top will, for example, allow camouflage her belly and her love handles. But the right cut of bottoms can also do wonders. We reveal the perfect model of shorts when you want to hide that roll of fat that sticks to your buttocks and your cellulite on your thighs. And in addition, it is ultra-stylish!

THE dad shorts so trendy is the perfect model when you have saddlebags

When you have saddlebags, you forget the micro shorts, even if they are fashionable this summer. They expose our thighs and even our buttocks completely to view. What we want to avoid when we are not comfortable with this part of our body. The model that will best enhance us if we are complexed by our small rolls on the hips and our cellulite on the thighs, it’s the dad shorts Jean. Straight from the 90s, and as if stuck in our dads’ dressing room, this model is halfway between classic shorts and Bermuda shorts. THE dad shorts is mostly high waisted, with an oversized cut and longer than traditional shorts (between the middle of the thighs and the top of the knee depending on the model).

The length and loose fit of the dad shorts have the advantage of completely hide the saddlebags. The fact that it is ample also prevents it from boudine the thighs. We then choose its length according to its morphology and its desires. If we are small, the mid-thigh models will prevent us from appearing packed. If we are tall, they will lengthen our legs even more. The longer models are ideal if we are complexed by our thighs. The high waist is also an asset because it refines the silhouette and lengthens the legs. Finally, if the dad shorts is available in various materials, we opt for a denim model. Certain fabrics that are too fluid and light indeed mark saddlebags and cellulite, unlike denim. But the dad shorts does not only sublimate the silhouette, it also elevates our style. It is indeed one of the trendiest shorts of the moment, adopted by all it-girls. Hailey Bieber in particular swears by him. This is the it-piece of the moment!

Relaxed fit denim Bermuda shorts, 29.95 euros
© pressRelaxed fit denim Bermuda shorts, 29.95 euros
Uniqlo denim shorts, 29.90 euros
© PressUniqlo denim shorts, 29.90 euros
Pull & Bear denim Bermuda shorts, 25.99 euros
© PressPull & Bear denim Bermuda shorts, 25.99 euros

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