Sadek explains the meaning of this phase in ‘Napoli’

On Twitter Sadek returned to the meaning of a passage from “Napoli” and expressed his gratitude to his fans.

In the midst of a busy 2023 for Sadek, with two projects already Change of ownership And Open all summer on the counter, the rapper makes an astonishing step back and wants to put things right on his title “Napoli”.

Released in 2017 on the album Vulgar, Violent and Delighted to be There, “Napoli” is starting to date. However, Sadek recently returned to the meaning of the chorus of the song, specifying in a tweet: “In Napoli I say “I don’t give a fuck about my subscribers” I’m talking about the number of subscribers. That’s why I continue with “I fall asleep counting my bills” to highlight the fact that I prefer to count bills only subscribers“.

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Sadek thanks his fans

If the text explanation seems a little late, it especially allowed Sadek to thank his community: “On the other hand, I am aware that my musical adventure would be nothing without the people who give me an eye or an ear, that was important for me to give an answer to a question that no one asks themselves”.

Sadek thus reiterates the importance of the support of his fans in the development of his career. A posture that contrasts radically with recent speeches, such as that of Doja Cat who publicly criticized part of her fan base, or the particular reaction of Ateyaba following her certification.

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