Sadness in the world of DC Comics: Gal Gadot would abandon her role as Wonder Woman all dismayed!

The news was not confirmed by the actress but the production warned that the Wonder Woman series comes to an end.

Rumors grow about the departure of Gal Gadot from the Extended Universe of DC (DCEU). The actress could stop playing Wonder Woman once the third installment of the films is released.

The director of the first two installments has announced a third and last part of the heroine’s solo film, which means that Gadot no longer appears in the DCEU.

In this 2020 the second part of the saga “Wonder Woman 1984” will be released and although the scenes of the third installment are already being filmed, this would be the last for Wonder Woman and for the Israeli actress.

This rumor has caused sadness in fans, who have strongly supported the Amazonian film since it has been the most successful of DC (in addition to the movie “Joker”).

However, Gal Gadot has not referred to the matter and fans hope it can be kept on paper even if sporadically in the films of “Aquaman” and “Flash”, for being part of “The Justice League.”

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But for all these concerns there is still time. For now, fans will have to be content to see Gal in the next installment of “Wonder Woman 1984”. There will be time for speculation.

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