Safari horror. The elephant attacked tourists

An enraged, several-ton elephant attacked a car with tourists during a safari in South Africa’s National Park. The animal tried to overturn the vehicle. Fortunately, the people who traveled it managed to escape.

The incident took place in the Selati Wild Animal Reserve in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Tourists who went there on safari in special cars encountered a herd of elephants on their way. At one point, one of the animals attacked the vehicle and tried to overturn it.

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Attacked tourists can talk about a lot of luck, because it only ended with fear. They all managed to escape from the car and take shelter in the other vehicle. Nobody was hurt.

The entire event was recorded by other safari participants.

According to the New York Post, which describes the situation, the animal reacted aggressively because it was aroused due to the mating season – due to the rising testosterone levels, male elephants then become more aggressive.

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As a result of the attack of a wild animal, people did not suffer, but the car in which they were driving suffered. The vehicle has been badly damaged and needs repair.

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