“Safe City” with a drone. Effect? Over 300 disclosed offenses in Łomża

The uniforms from Łomża informed that a police drone appeared over the city for the first time. Thanks to him, officers revealed over 300 offenses, mostly committed by drivers.

Last week, the traffic uniforms from Łomża conducted the “Safe City” activities. Pedestrians and cyclists were under the special supervision of policemen. The genesis of this type of action is to increase the safety of pedestrians, i.e. those road users who are not protected in any way in the event of a collision. Police officers from Łomża covered more than usual sections of roads, crossings and pedestrian crossings where the risk of an accident is the highest. Although their overriding goal was to enforce compliance with regulations closely related to the safety of vulnerable road users, traffic policemen also drew attention to any illegal behavior.

A police drone appeared for the first time over the streets of Łomża. Police officers recorded the behavior of road users from a long distance and in a very good quality.

During the operation, the uniforms revealed a total of 363 offenses, of which 323 were committed by vehicle drivers, 30 by pedestrians, 9 by cyclists and one by an electric scooter user. Uniforms conducted 348 sobriety checks. 154 offenses related to speeding in the area of ​​pedestrian crossings, 3 people had their driving license detained for exceeding 50 kilometers per hour in built-up areas. Police officers seized 15 registration certificates.

It was the first, but certainly not the last such action on the roads and we can expect similar projects using a drone in the future.

Source: KMP Łomża

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“Safe City” with a drone. Effect? Over 300 disclosed offenses.

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