SAINT COLOMBAN Michael Magli, the tragedy two years ago: the family still seeks the truth

SAINT COLOMBAN Michael Magli, the tragedy two years ago: the family still seeks the truth

Michael Magli died after going off the road between San Colombano and Graffignana

  • Wednesday 21 September 2022

The young man died in an accident: “What really happened that night?”

Andrea Bagatta

Two years after his death, the memory of Michael does not changeadisce and the family still seeks clarity. Friday 23 September will be exactly two years after the accident in which Michael Magli, 23 years old from San Colombano, died off the road with his car on the Porchirola curve between Graffignana and San Colombano. On the occasion of the anniversary, the family thinks of a way to remember him, and will certainly bear a testimony of affection on that bend, where after the accident a protective guard-rail was placed, a barrier that according to the family should already have been installed in that dangerous point.

Mom would have liked to celebrate a real event in memory of Michael, but permissions and authorizations have slowed her down and in the end made her give up. However, there will be a tangible sign of memory. “We will go to the place of the accident – tell the family -. After two years, still no one has explained to us what happened that evening, and we have not heard from the investigation opened by the Lodi prosecutor’s office, we do not know if we are investigating or not, and in which direction ». The family members have always contested the verification operations carried out, according to them in a summary way, and have never accepted the conclusions of the carabinieri for which the young man went off the road alone in the middle of the night, going to capsize right inside the canal that remains hidden by the provincial road 19 (the car with the body were found only the next morning). The parents have always demanded that an episode from the days before his death be clarified, when Michael was searched in a local area by two mysterious foreign men, whom he did not know, and have repeatedly contested the absence of barriers at that point. , positioned months after the accident, when previously the institutions had argued that in that stretch no protections could be put in place to guarantee farm access to farmers.


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