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Saint of the day, horoscope, birthdays and anniversaries to remember: today’s almanac, Thursday 25 August 2022

The August 25th it is the 237th day of the Gregorian calendar (the 238th in leap years). There are 128 days left until the end of the year. Here is the daily almanac with saints, anniversaries, horoscopes and dates to remember.

What is celebrated on August 24: saint of the day

The Church commemorates San Giuseppe Calasanzio Priest, Peralta del Sal, Aragon (Spain), 31 July 1558 – Rome, 25 August 1648.

Birthdays and anniversaries

Among the famous people who have a birthday today also include: the actress Rachel Bilson (1981), famous Summer Roberts of The OC; Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard (1976) as the vampire Eric Northman in True Blood; the american actress Blake Lively (1987), who played Serena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl; the famous American director Tim Burton (1958); the English actor Tom Hollander (1967), who played Cutler Beckett in Pirates of the Caribbean; the German supermodel Claudia Schiffer (1970); the singer and actress China Anne McClain (1998), who was Jennifer Pierce/Lightning in Black Lightning; Pio D’Antini (1983) by the duo Pio and Amedeo; the Australian actress Natasha Liu Bordizzo (1994) who played Helena in The Society; the English actress Angelica Mandy (1992), who played Gabrielle Delacour in Harry Potter.

It happened today

  • 1609. To Venice Galileo Galilei presents the telescope he designed to the Senate of Venice.
  • 1875. For the first time it is done swimming across the Channel by Matthew Webb, running from Dover to Cap Gri-nez in 21 hours 45 minutes.
  • 1944. It takes place, by the allied forces, the liberation of Paris of the Nazi occupation.
  • 1964. THE Beatles they win the “gold disc” for having sold a million copies of “A hard day’s night”.
  • 1987. In the prison of Porto Azzurro burst one revolt led by the terrorist Mario Tuti: the prisoners take 34 people hostage asking in exchange for a helicopter to leave the island of Elba.
  • 1988 – The historic center of Lisbon is destroyed by fire.
  • 2001 – Germany: In Düsseldorf, a team of doctors repairs the heart damaged by a heart attack of a 46-year-old man with stem cells from the same patient’s bone marrow

August 25th horoscope


Fire rules the day. No, it doesn’t mean houses licked by flames, but a fabulous trigon of Fire with your sign. This Thursday promises to be sparkling and pleasant like a carousel ride! Mercury helps you set up an efficient work schedule. In the love package, on the other hand, you find everything: complicity and unity of purpose, deep emotions, mental harmony.


Unsympathetic moon squaring your sign, ready to dig up past misunderstandings, discontent, disappointments. The family is in the crosshairs, with all the unsaid and secrets pushed deep inside. Complications for someone even on the sentimental front: the Lady of the night could sow discord despite all your good intentions. Headache, digestive problems.


Moon and Jupiter allow you to move with skill and with brilliant results, in the office and in business. If you travel a lot for work, everything will go smoothly, in defiance of excess speed which by law should be punished (but in fact today no one will notice…). Sparkling news for your free time with invitations that will surprise you. New environments, different from the usual.


Today, economic and financial choices are favoured. You could take advantage of it, if you are planning to make an investment or if you intend to make an important purchase for yourself or for your home. Moon and Venus in the second field ensure happiness in the emotional sphere, and this is already enough to make you feel at peace with the rest of the world.


If you are on vacation or are lucky enough to live on the coast, today do what you did yesterday, and you will do again tomorrow: a walk on the beach at sunset and a nice bath, perfect for relaxing and washing away all that is wrong. Love regains height and enamel; the union is solid, it holds up well to the shocks of everyday life and time. New contacts at work.


It won’t be an emerging day, one of the brilliant ones that leave a mark on personal history: with the Moon in the sign that precedes yours, you have a relaxed air and distractions at work, which already on Thursday – with the heat – begins to weigh heavily on you; come out of the coma only in the evening, just in time for an aperitif or an ice cream. Are you in couple? You have many reasons to discuss.


The day will be growing! At the beginning you will have the feeling that you have to work harder than usual, but as the hours go by things will turn out well: with the Moon in Leo you will fly high. You will shine at work, whatever your activity or condition. Love, on the other hand, regains its share and interest, if you are permanently in a couple, or single in search of delicacies.


The sky is frowning. There is, indeed, an out of tune atmosphere, but for no specific reason. We need pragmatism and efficiency and, above all, put aside questions of principle. Treat yourself to a romantic dinner! On the other hand, the professional sector is positive if you have an independent business: don’t miss a golden opportunity from a financial point of view!


The stars incite us to broaden our horizons, to travel, both for work and for pleasure. The impulse to set new foundations for any type of collaborative relationship is strong and healthy, protected by the Moon in Leo. Very satisfying moment from a sentimental point of view, on all levels: mental understanding, emotional exchange, sexual attraction. financial opportunities.


From your lost gaze … it soon becomes clear that you don’t give a damn about all the duties that await you today, and with the Moon and Venus in the eighth field, you don’t need a crystal ball to understand that you are thinking of love, that with the complicity of the stars of this period, see you in a much more captivating light. A wonderful opportunity at work.


The sky of the day points its finger at married life; you are not always able to maintain the necessary momentum and vigor that you are accustomed to. You have to resign yourself to a slower pace. Hard times are approaching for those of you who are single and think they can extend hunting season indefinitely. At work unexpected requests, pressing customers, unforeseen events in many stressful cases.


The Moon in the sixth house already says it all: today you work hard and after your duties you have to put your hand to those of a colleague who is absent or on vacation. New acquaintances and exciting personal opportunities await you at work. Consistently increase the amount of water you drink, it will help you purify yourself. Keep an eye on your power supply.

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