Sainz: “Now I have the rope to celebrate the victory”

File photo of Spanish driver Carlos Sainz (Audi Team).EFE/Carlos Rosick

Yanbu (Saudi Arabia), January 19 (Efe). – 2024 Dakar Rally champion Spaniard Carlos Sainz has not revealed his future and assured that “for now” he has “a rope” as he takes fourth place among rally kings championship title. Celebrate “victory”.

Sainz, the 61-year-old champion, was not only the oldest winner in the raid but also became the first driver to win with four different brands (VW, Peugeot, MINI and Audi) and the first to drive a hybrid Power car winning driver.

“This is a win in a very competitive edition, a very special car, the fourth brand. It means a lot to me, like making history with this type of car. I feel very much for Audi. Delighted, in The Last Bullet he said at the end of the final stage of the 2024 Dakar Rally: “This is our last year in rallying. I’m delighted that we achieved this, and I want to thank you for your trust. ”

The Madrid driver praised the victory in a rally that was “very difficult and had a very difficult start”. He added: “I came back from injury, with two broken vertebrae, and to win here is a satisfaction and for me to be part of the new history that Audi has achieved in this race makes me very happy and grateful All of them.” ..

Sainz said the key is to “run more runs than everyone else and have a good strategy”. “Every day counts. It’s a race and if you fail a lot one day, you go home,” said the four-time event winner, who was also surrounded by his family at the finish line today.

“It was nice to meet everyone. I didn’t get a good look at the reception because there were a lot of people, I saw my wife this morning but they didn’t tell me anything about what they were coming. You can imagine how excited I was for mine Families are proud to be here, they see this, they see that working and living from home almost always pays off,” he stressed.

Sainz did not reveal whether he would race in the Dakar again, saying that “for the moment” he had “a victory rope” and he celebrated the reward of all the hard work behind the victory, “the whole team” and posted a message : “When one pursues a dream, no matter how big it is, sometimes it comes true, and it has come true today. We have to tell people to work hard and believe in their dreams because dreams are free and will always be dreams. “possible.”

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