Salad in a bag, have you ever noticed the bag? The error

Practical, quick to prepare and to bring to the table: let’s talk aboutsalad in envelope, which we often prefer to buy over the unwrapped one. Let’s face it: the convenience of opening the refrigerator and putting a few salad leaves directly on the plate without having to waste too much time is one of the main reasons that make us opt for the bag. But we are sure to serve a healthy dish? After all, you really hear everything about ready-made salads and making things clear is very useful.

According to experts, the prepackaged product is generally safe. THE controls in companiesin fact, they are stringent and numerous to ensure that all safety standards are respected during the production phase. From the point of view of preparation, therefore, and upstream conservation we can rest assured. What matters, however, are also ours habits and our choices when we are at the supermarket.

In fact, when buying a packet of salad in a bag, it is good check the packaging avoiding to simply put in the cart the one that happens to be shot first. When we take a bag, therefore, we check that it is not inflated with air. The presence of oxygen in the bag, in fact, is a sign that during transport and storage some bacteria have proliferated.

The problem, in particular, arises from the temperature that before arriving at the refrigerated counter it may have exceeded 8 ° C. In addition, supermarket refrigerator doors are open all the time and these changes create the ideal environment for microorganisms to grow. The processes of fermentation in the bag, due to bacteria, therefore cause the bag to swell.

And the packaging always provides us with another fundamental fact, namely the Expiration date: it is better to choose a product that is as fresh as possible, therefore with a distant expiration in time to be sure that any bacterial load inside is lower.

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