Salernitana, trust at term for Nicola. There remains the difference with the club on the objectives

The mediation work on the part of President Danilo Iervolino was necessary to mend the rift between Morgan De Sanctis and Davide Nicola. Net of the statements of circumstance released in the past few hours, the owners have seriously thought about changing their technical guide after the mortifying 5-0 with Sassuolo, to the point of endorsing the phrases of the sports director on live TV clearly addressed to the coach. In a nutshell, De Sanctis spoke of “unpresentable defense, total dissatisfaction with the seven points won in eight races, disappointing classification and necessary changes also from a tactical point of view”, Iervolino added that “an alarm bell has sounded, it is time for the players taken in the summer to be put in a position to express their potential. The squad set up has important goals, if we didn’t beat Verona we would unexpectedly find ourselves among the last of the class and the psychological repercussions would be dangerous “. On Monday afternoon, for over two hours, the full management confronted Nicola in the closed Mary Rosy. Question and answer also hard, a face to face closed with a diplomatic handshake and with the promise to be updated again on Sunday evening after the direct clash against Verona.

The coach is convinced that his Salernitana has made a mistake in just one match, believes that some of the new faces are not ready and is certain that the group is on his side. De Sanctis, for his part, defends his work and looks around so as not to be caught unprepared in the event of an unfortunate turnaround. What is certain is that a victory on Sunday would avoid the exemption, but it would not solve the problem between two members who, already in the past, had had some disagreements. You will remember, for example, when Nicola after the 0-2 with Parma said in a conference that “the team is not competitive for Serie A, I understand the strategies of the club and the dynamics of the market but it is time to accelerate”. The management’s response was not long in coming: “We are willing to sacrifice the first two days in order to reach the objectives, we don’t want any excuses and we won’t give any to anyone”. And when reinforcements arrived, Nicola’s public thanks was limited to Iervolino alone. Small signs that went unnoticed only because the team got results. The real problem that risks breaking the toy is the divergence with respect to the objectives and the value of the squad. Iervolino spoke of “Salernitana revelation, we want to close in the top ten”, De Sanctis is convinced that “we have taken players of absolute level, we will understand along the way where we can get”, Nicola throws water on the fire and believes that “talking about goals is almost useless, I have clear ideas and I hope we will be saved as soon as possible “. However, Iervolino’s diktat does not allow for interpretation: “I didn’t spend 40 million euros to save myself on the last day. things continued to go in a certain way. We must apologize to the fans, the only component that was up to par in Reggio Emilia. “

But what are the scenarios? Nicola jumps if he doesn’t beat Verona. At the same time, however, a new coach would make his debut in Milan and would soon face Inter, Lazio, Fiorentina and Monza away, restarting in January with Milan, Atalanta, Napoli and Juventus. In short, a creepy calendar. Part of the organized supporters, through a press release, civilly expressed their thoughts: “Regardless of applause, they don’t always help to grow, a healthy challenge would be needed. a publicly delegitimized coach only facilitates the opponent. ” Iervolino, of course, also put the sporting director under scrutiny. To date, although paid in the millions, the various Vilhena, Botheim, Valencia, Pirola, Sambia and Bradaric o they do not play or do not pay and the company is aware that retaining the architects of salvation (Verdi, Djuric, Ederson, Coulibaly, Ranieri) would perhaps have guaranteed better results with a much lower economic expenditure. At the November break, it will be necessary to get there with a minimum of 16 points, vice versa in the winter there will be another revolution. On the other hand, Iervolino, with a totem like Sabatini, has already shown that he does not look anyone in the face and that he only judges on the basis of the results. And, to date, the numbers say that Nicola has won only one of the last 13 official races.

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