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From a week ago, the mexican businessman Martin Sources, husband of Jacky Bracamonteshe confessed his concern of having coronavirus Covid-19since about two weeks ago embarked on a trip to Vail, Colorado, close to their three daughters older, because they began to be symptoms alarming.

Faced with this panorama, Renata, one of their daughters, presented with fever and cough and, therefore, the employer returned to Miami to escape with their daughters. We also conducted the test of Covid-19 for out of doubt.

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The conductive Jacky Bracamontes was in Mexico for work, but when he learned what happened, he ran to Miami to be reunited with her two young daughters, the twins Paula and Emilia, who were in charge of their grandparents, and told the conductor in a broadcast of the program “Net Divine”.

“They were in Vail for four days, then, we suspect that they may have the bug. My babies were in Mexico, I came to collect them (…) I had to come to the department of my parents (in Miami) with the babies, because Martin is with the major in our department and we cannot, still, be together. They have been very debilitating all these days, but the truth is that you for me are in therapy.”

However, it has already been a week since Sources and his daughter were the test of Covid-19 but the results have not yet arrived. Against this background, Jacky is desperate, as it counts the seconds to be able to be on the side of their daughters and husband, so I told the program “A New Day”, which was narrated to Adamari Lopez what happened: “we’re desperate, but it has not come to the test, just today marks a week that the test was made, and we still don’t have the result.”

martin fuentes daughters vail

Almost immediately, Adamari comforted guadalajara, and gave him to know that that was the time it took in also give your test: “If it gives you relief, to me, when we met the week I came to the results so that, trusting in God that they will come to you”.

“Martin felt bad a few days ago, as it was four or five days I said: ‘yes, I feel bad, I feel that I have no energy’ and you know that he is the most energetic of all, and Renata started with a cough, with fever, that’s why he did the test to Renata and Martin. I say, if it comes out positive they are all infected, those who were in Vail, isn’t it? But right now I see very well. I have seen them daily for video by far, and I see well physically, so I have a lot of faith in that test comes out negative”.

martin fuentes isolation daughters

“If it comes out positive would speak with a doctor, I will listen to their recommendations and would take a decision, because the truth is the two parties we are desperate to be together. I’m dying to be with my daughters, big and Martin with the babies. Sunday is the birthday of Jacky, my eldest daughter, who met 7 years ago, then obviously we want to be together, but the health is first,” he concluded.

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