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Can we become centenarians in perfect physical and mental shape? Camillo Ricordi, chief director of the Diabetes Research Institute and of the Cellular Transplant Center of the University of Miami, one of the most important centers of excellence for diabetes care and regenerative medicine, is convinced so. Ricordi will explain how and why during the meeting to be held in CONI’s Hall of Honor this morning at 11, for the presentation of the Mondadori bestseller: “The code of healthy longevity”.

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“Going beyond 100 feeling young: that’s what I mean by healthy longevity” explains the author. Reverse the aging clock by exploiting new emerging techniques, from protective molecules to stem cells, together with correct nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle. As he explains in his book, an anti-inflammatory diet and physical activity are important but not enough. It is in fact impossible to take a sufficient dose of protective substances only through proper nutrition or to stimulate our natural production through physical exercise. The pillars of healthy longevity include Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin D3, polyphenols, sirtuin activators, and so much more. During the meeting, the current issues related to the great challenges of this century will be discussed: the epidemics of autoimmune, viral and chronic degenerative diseases linked to sick longevity. Issues that enjoy a fertile ground of largely preventable risk factors. In addition to saving human suffering, each year added to Healthy Longevity would produce savings of Euro 37,000 Billion (37 Trillion). Investing in prevention has now become an ethical and moral obligation, as well as an economic sustainability obligation for any company that wishes to define itself as responsible and ethically correct, to also allow the enormous savings that would derive from it to be re-invested in other critically important challenges of our century

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