«Salvini is good, but he never worked. Afraid of Melons? A little »- Corriere.it

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Long-distance question and answer between the leaders of Forza Italia and the Lega: the former premier expresses his desire for the electoral result by talking to some members of his party; the League secretary replied a little later. Berlusconi then also talks about Meloni

“One thing I’m pretty sure about is that I want more league votes. We get along very well with the Lega because I have nurtured a fruitful friendship with Matteo Salvini, who is a good person. He needs to be a bit framed, he too has never worked; so I will be the director of the government ».

To say this – speaking with some members of his party in a bar in Milan, after having voted in the Fratelli Ruffini seat – was, today, the leader of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi
. Who also let himself go on Giorgia Meloni: “We have a little,” he replied to those who asked him, “President, are you afraid of Meloni?”.

Shortly after the revelation of these words, the League secretary replied to the former premier: “Whatever he says,” Salvini wrote on Twitter, “I will always love Silvio Berlusconi the same”.

Last March, during the “quasi-marriage” ceremony with Marta Fascina, Berlusconi reserved politically relevant words for Salvini (who was present): “This,” he told the guests, “is Matteo Salvini, the only true leader there is. is in Italy. He is sincere: I admire him and love him very much. He is a sincere person ».

As for the result expected by Berlusconi and Salvini, as he wrote in the Courier today Roberto Gressi: «Matteo Salvini risks a lot: he has seen his consensus gradually erode even in the strongholds of the North, and for him ten per cent is the minimum wage. Forza Italia needs a decent resultbelow which the leadership of Silvio Berlusconi, who is one with his creature, would not be in question, but the risk of the temptation for the elect to seek shelter under the umbrella of the Brothers of Italy would be strong, or in the already open arms of Carlo Calenda ».

As for Meloni, «he enjoys the prospect of announced success. But it will be the dimensions of this success that will determine whether she will, without a doubt, be the first woman in Italy to become prime minister. Which will certainly happen if you win far more votes than your allies put together. “

(Here the piece explaining at what time it will be known who won the elections)

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September 25, 2022 (change September 25, 2022 | 21:05)

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