Samantha Cristoforetti and Sandra Bullock’s cosplay: this is how the astronaut imitates Gravity

Samantha Cristoforetti as Sandra Bullock: here is the “cosplay” in zero gravity!

It can be said that Samantha Cristoforetti is the very first cosplayer in space. The astronaut, in fact, did not miss an opportunity to show her followers all her irony by publishing a shot in which she compares herself to Ryan Stone, the character of Sandra Bullock in Gravity, Alfonso Cuarón’s 2013 film that saw George Clooney and Bullock go to space. Is it possible to have hair in order in space? According to what Astro Samantha says in zero gravity it is practically impossible to keep the style!

“Hey, Dr. Stone! A quick question for you: how did you keep your hair styled? I ask for a friend “writes Cristoforetti on Twitter, attaching the question with a photo in which we see it recreate a scene of Gravity, a film not really realistic according to the statements of the Italian astronaut. In fact, in the scene, Sandra Bullock’s hair is perfectly in order while the astronaut’s hair suffers from the absence of gravity. A collage that compares cinematic fiction to reality, both perhaps very similar, yet so different.

Samantha Cristoforetti as Sandra Bullock: here is the “cosplay” in zero gravity!

This is not the first time that Samantha Cristoforetti quotes and mentions the film Gravity. Upon his release in 2013, the astronaut had published an article on Astronautinews in which he explored all the inconsistencies present in Alfonso Cuarón’s film. Cristoforetti praised the film’s aesthetics, special effects and music, but rejected the plot, which was deemed unrealistic.

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Left on April 28 for a new mission that will keep her in space for 6 months, Samantha Cristoforetti does not miss anything here on Earth and constantly updates her Twitter profile. And between a yoga class and a tutorial on how to squeeze a towel in zero gravity, all of her genuine irony shines through.

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