Samantha Cristoforetti celebrates the first 100 days of the Minerva – Space & Astronomy mission

“Time flies when you have fun …”. It is with these words that Samantha Cristoforetti celebrates the first 100 days of the ‘Minerva’ mission, which sees her protagonist aboard the International Space Station (ISS). “Thanks to all the teams that support us on this journey”, writes the astronaut of the European Space Agency (ESA) on Twitter, promising followers to soon publish a new selfie that updates the one taken during its first 200 days. in space at the end of the previous ‘Futura’ mission.

In the meantime, AstroSam posts a short video that summarizes in images this first part of the Minerva mission, which began last April 28 when the astronaut arrived on the ISS thanks to the SpaceX private company Crew Dragon shuttle. Once in orbit, Samantha immediately felt at home and began working to break new records: she became the first TikToker in space, to conquer the youngest with her ‘out of this world’ videos, and then the first woman European Union to undertake an extravehicular activity for the maintenance of the Space Station.

In a period of strong international tensions, Cristoforetti told – also on the occasion of the connection with the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella – how on board the ISS the collaboration and friendship between astronauts from different countries continues. There were no repercussions even for the busy schedule envisaged by the Minerva mission, which also includes the LIDAL, NutrISS and Acoustic Diagnostics experiments selected by the Italian Space Agency (ASI).

In his spare time AstroSam did not miss an opportunity to take breathtaking images of the Earth, such as those of August 4 that show Europe and Italy illuminated by the golden light of the sunset. “How many lakes, rivers and seas can you recognize?” Asked the astronaut, testing the view of his fans on social media.