Samantha Cristoforetti imitates Sandra Bullock in Gravity and confirms herself as the undisputed queen (also) of irony

Impossible to have tidy hair in space? Well, at least let’s say very difficult in zero gravity: Samantha Cristoforetti jokes by imitating Sandra Bullock in the movie ‘Gravity’ but with a decidedly less tidy fold. The astronaut publishes a nice collage of images on Twitter

“Hey, Dr. Stone! A quick question for you: how did you keep your hair styled? I ask for a friend … “. The reference is to the film Gravity where Sandra Bullock interprets Ryan Stone, a biomedical engineer taking an evening astronaut course. But in zero gravity he has a spectacular twist. Contrary to that of Samantha Cristoforetti (and therefore, perhaps, contrary to reality).

A nice curtain in a post Twitter accompanied by a collage of images with the two astronauts, one real and the other only for cinematic fiction, in all similar except for the obvious difference in hair.

Samantha Cristoforetti often sends us messages via Twitter from orbit, sometimes even from everyday life, such as the “lesson” on how to fold a towel in zero gravity.

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Leaving on April 28 for a 6-month mission, some amusement is also allowed in hard work. And even in irony, Samantha wins.

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Source: Samantha Cristoforetti / Twitter

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