‘Same day as Nintendo Direct’: Xbox announces its future events, source confirms they will coincide

Microsoft Games Just Announced Special edition of The Official Xbox Podcast on February 15th, which will share “the latest updates from the Xbox business.” The event will be attended by company CEO Phil Spencer, president Sarah Bond and studio head Matt Booty. During the activity, Promising “more details about our vision for the future of Xbox”as Spencer previously announced.

The timing of this announcement is interesting, especially considering Recent rumors about famous Xbox games potentially expanding to competing platforms. Revealing details about Xbox’s future vision could include information on expansion strategies and cross-platform agreements.You surely remember when we informed you about this and the rumors hinting at this popular game high fidelity sprint It may be coming to Nintendo Switch, as first-party Xbox games will be coming to “competing platforms” this year.

Multiple sources support this, and there are rumors that Sea of ​​Thieves could be coming to consoles. We then received hints of data mining, as well as possible release dates for new platforms and more games being added.

Collaboration and openness between platforms are becoming more common trends in the world of video games, and players are eager to discover how these relationships will evolve in the future.this incident could have a major impact on the industry and could be held concurrently with the next Nintendo Directtriggering more expectations and speculation in the gaming community. nintendo universe corpsePeople who have provided correct leaks in the past have explicitly mentioned that on the same day they will:


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