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The two young masons, aged 25 and 29, had arrived from Egypt just a few months ago and settled in Milan. For almost a month they had slept in a prefabricated container and on Tuesday night, due to the cold, they had lit a brazier

Were arrived from Egypt only a few months ago and had settled in Milan, together with other family members and compatriots. Then work in the building site building overlooking Lake Como. A construction site, in Moltrasio, which had also become the home of Samir Mohamed Said, 29, and Salah Abdelaziz, 25. To avoid the daily commute, which required time and money, they slept in a prefabricated container set up in the area where they were constructing a residential building.

Tuesday night, as it seems they did for almost a monththey went to sleep in the shack. However, the temperature had dropped and first they lit a brazier to warm up. They never woke up. On Wednesday morning, they were still lying, motionless and lifeless when a 62-year-old colleague, not seeing them, opened the container door to discover the tragedy.

“I can’t speak, I don’t know what to say. To die like this … »repeats the worker, upset in front of the gate of the construction site which was closed during the police surveys. The man, also an Egyptian, he worked from August in Moltrasio with the two young men. “They had recently arrived and lived in the Milanese area – he explains -. The first days of work they traveled from home to the construction site with me, then they asked to be able to sleep in Moltrasio, in the little house, to avoid traveling ». Among the first to arrive in Moltrasio, the brother of one of the victims. He doesn’t speak Italian. He is accompanied by his employer, who stays by his side throughout the long, excruciating wait outside the construction site before being able to speak to the police. «He received a phone call and learned that his brother had had an accident – explains the owner, himself active in the construction sector, who prefers to remain anonymous -. I immediately accompanied him so as not to leave him alone. It is a dramatic situation ».

In a few hours, they also arrive in Moltrasio other family and friends of the two young men who died in the construction site. News of the tragedy spread rapidly in cEgyptian community of the Milanese, where Said and Salah also lived for a few months. “We all come from the same area of ​​Egypt and we all feel like relatives, cousins,” they say. Some moment of tension when some friends of the victims sneak into the construction site because they want to understand what happened. The carabinieri are still making the findings, but after talking to the upset boys, they just invite them to leave to complete their work. «They slept here for almost a month – says a cousin of Said -. It used to be hot and they left everything open, but now the temperature has dropped and they must have tried to warm up. Now we want to understand what happened ».

They also arrive in Moltrasio the representatives of Cgil, Cisl and Uil, of Como. The CGIL delegates were involved in the provincial assets and immediately moved after the news of the tragic accident. Scheduled for Thursday, from 10 to 12, a garrison in front of the prefecture. «In a civilized country it cannot happen that you sleep in a building site shack – denounce the leaders of CGIL, CISL and UIL of Como -. She is a a situation that does not respect the most elementary rules of hygiene and safety, as well as the dignity of the person. Dying in those conditions is terrible and senseless ».

A few hours later, again in the Como area, a second fatal accident occurred. A 75-year-old farmer, Pierangelo Bastai, died after overturning with a tractor in Sormano, in the Pian del Tivano area. The man, for reasons still to be clarified, lost control of the vehicle, hit a wall on the side of the road and he was there overturned. He was crushed and lost his life despite the rescue intervention. Investigations by the Carabinieri on the dynamics of the accident.

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