Sampdoria for sale: the sheikhs? Story of a negotiation that never started

The rumors of a Qatari interest for the Sampdoria club have not found real confirmation, lacking those documents necessary to provide the economic guarantees of the possible buyer. The company remains silent: the goal is business continuity while waiting for a real buyer

In the folds of the state of the art in terms of negotiations for the sale of Sampdoria that the vice president Romei made last night after the long conclave of the management at the headquarters, the desire for a sort of spirit of service that first of all pushed the Board of Directors emerges clear to accept a role that is not exactly simple, due to the implications it contains. Respecting some fundamental rules: maximum transparency, first of all. And, then, compliance with the “rules of engagement.” That is, first of all overcoming those mandatory and necessary steps to verify the feasibility guarantees of such a complex and costly operation.


This is why to date, on this basis, the effect deriving from alleged negotiations that have taken place for now especially on social networks, can significantly harm those who are seriously evaluating the feasibility of the Sampdoria operation, feeding false hopes in the Sampdoria square. The story of the sheikh belonging to the Al Thani family interested in Sampdoria, in love with Genoa and Sampdoria history, and his “letter” translated from Arabic and delivered to press agencies, amidst smoky intermediaries and rumors about an imminent purchase, does not respect certainly the criteria required to enter into a serious negotiation. Buying Sampdoria today does not only mean putting about forty million on the plate immediately to take possession of the club, but also taking over a well-structured corporate debt, as long as you comply with precise guarantees. In fact, to satisfy the trust of the credit institutions involved, subjects of high standing and proven honorability are needed. As happens today, in fact, with this Board of Directors.


Samp remains at the window, without foreclosures of any kind with any potential buyer, even if today the delivery of silence can only favor and accelerate any possible negotiations in place. Anything else risks having the opposite effect. The meaning is clear: if the sheikh of Qatar and his Italian associates really want to become the masters of Sampdoria, they must produce the necessary documents. They have the right interlocutors to do so: the trustee Vidal and Banca Lazard, both active for some time to guarantee the club a future of stability. Financial, first of all and consequently sporting. Then there is the field and a victory with Monza to be conquered at all costs. This, however, would be another story.

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