Sampdoria sale: brokers at risk of bankruptcy. Di Silvio: ‘Empty box with golden tuna inside’ | Market

New updates on the nebula affair of the sale of the Sampdoria, which according to the entrepreneur from Bari Francesco Di Silvio would be in the sights of Sheikh Al Thani, ready to buy the club even without due diligence. Di Silvio himself confirmed the rumors, but the story leaves many doubts and perplexities.

Specifically, it is Primocanale to raise some questions, first of all the lineage not exactly direct of the potential buyer of Sampdoria compared to the Al Thani family. Further doubts arise due to the fact that the letter delivered to Ansa attributed to the mediator of Al Thani and translated, it seems, from Arabic by Di SIlvio has not been delivered to the BoD of Sampdoria, but only to the media. Other unclear points, the disinterest in embarking on one due diligencei.e. in-depth analysis of the accounts (operation with considerable costs), the absence of a invitation to Doha announced by Di Silvio and the delays in delivering the documentation necessary to be considered by Vidal.

In another piece, the Genoese broadcaster publishes another detail. Mehdi Hani, Tunisian mediator behind the letter to Ansa, writes as a representative of the company Mh Partners based at 15 rue du Fort Barreau in Geneva. It is a real empty box, as certified by Creditsafe, a well known and reliable ‘business information’ provider. Well, the company valuation company assigns this company a rating equal to D, on a scale from A to E. The solvency of MH Partners is judged to be “high risk”. Furthermore, the description speaks of an increased probability of failure and the item relating to the ‘latest turnover figure’, ie the latest turnover figure, is not shown. In practice, no revenues were recorded.

REPLY – The replica of By Silvio she did not get begged, and arrived via social media. In a comment on Facebookthe film entrepreneur from Bari writes “Well Primo Canale I have never offended as they do, I compared them to the journalists of Le Monde, great researchers good at x-rays even the Federal Reserve will nominate them as the highest communication agency. Does the company advisor box empty? Give up some tuna, “Last channel” first in life “. But not only that, on other Facebook pages, Di Silvio adds to the dose:” Because they are too big then sorry Davide – writes answering a fan – a Channel like that at the time was busy on Biden’s election campaign how did they manage to take care of Ferrero, come on Davide eh you too “.

The concept is repeated several times: “Come on, do you want to put Le Figaro Ansa with the first and last channel? Come on, these guys are worldwide. Look at the turnover soon they are quoted on the griffin”. There is also room for a promise, again in response to a comment on Facebook: “We step forward we are empty box with golden tuna inside“.

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