Sampdoria sale, the knot of the so-called “escrow”. And the word goes back to the field –

After the fireworks at the beginning of the week – also thanks to the championship stop – on the corporate events of the Sampdoria a veil of relative silence should fall.

The trustee Gianluca Vidal gave the Di Silvio-Al Thani group ten days to present bank guarantees necessary to carry out the negotiations while two other potential investors, both of English-speaking origin, are analyzing the accounts of the Sampdoria company in the virtual data room but are still far from making a binding offer, that is accompanied by the so-called “Escrow”the written agreement between two parties by virtue of which sums of money or property titles covered by the contract are deposited with a third party as a guarantee and then released upon the fulfillment of certain conditions expressly established by the parties.

The word therefore returns at least temporarily to the fieldalthough Giampaolo in Bogliasco is working in reduced ranks without the five national five: Bereszinsky, Rincon, Djuricic, Sabiri and Gabbiadini. The coach is confident that everyone will return from their respective commitments in good health, because with the Monza it will be the watershed match of the season.

The two teams have one thing in common: Sampdoria and Monza boastso to speak, the worst offensive departments in the league, with just four goals to his credit. Sampdoria, if nothing else, collected thirteen, the Brianza one more.

But the line-up now entrusted to Raffaele Palladino after Stroppa’s exoneration has double the points of the Sampdoria, that’s why the challenge of “Ferraris” takes on the contours of a playoff.

Still out Harry Winks, who trains separately. Giampaolo hopes to have him in the group at the beginning of the next, very delicate week.

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