Sampdoria, the company of Al Thani’s mediator: an empty box –

Mehdi Hani is the Tunisian mediator who sent the letter to Ansa with which, as representative of the company Mh Partners based in rue du Fort Barreau 15 in Geneva, “certifies” the note from Khalid Faleh Al Thani which expresses the intention of the alleged sheikh to buy the Sampdoria.

Primocanale publishes the document with which Creditsafewhich is credited as the business information provider most used in the world, analyzes the situation of Mh Partners Sa.

Meanwhile, the rating (or the “classification”) that is attributed to this company is equal to D, on a scale that goes from A to E. The solvency of the company itself (Creditsafe international description) is judged to “high risk”. The most recent description (local description) indicates an increased probability of failure (increased probably of failure). But above all, the “item” relating to the latest turnover figures (essentially the latest turnover figure) does not appear, that is, no revenues were recorded: in short, it is an empty box.

The change of ownership of Sampdoria is an epochal fact that in this historical phase cannot be treated superficially. Because after the era of large families and the unfortunate management of a single man in charge, the one that will be taken from now on will be a path of no return: the Sampdoria of the third millennium either finds a stable solution or risks a lot, like any company football and more.

Another consideration, not trivial, to take into account is the following: until today, although beyond the residual surety on the brand, the commitment of the family Garrone on Sampdoria is totally non-existent, the credit system (the banks) has indirectly enjoyed a kind of hypothetical umbrella, of parachute, however, represented by the name Erg-Garrone from which the last, unfortunate version of Samp.

With the passage from the Ferrero family to the new owner this sort of “shield” it will completely fail. Hence, the financial institutions will be very careful to which hand they will inherit their substantial, albeit well restructured by the current governance, credit towards Sampdoria.

That’s why you can’t joke and you have to put all the cards on the table first. Winning cards, not the “fake cards” of which the great journalist and writer Giampaolo Pansa narrated in a book.

Primocanale he will continue to do the utmost of his own “power” to watch over the sale of Sampdoria: because then this time it will never be possible to go back. It’s the last chance.

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