Sam’s Club is giving away 12 liters of Nutri milk (limited time)

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Milk is one of the most favorite dairy products for most people because besides being used to prepare many foods such as desserts, pasta, etc., many people also like to drink milk in the morning and evening with some bread.

The Nutri brand is one of consumers’ favorite milks, and luckily for many consumers, it’s available at Sam’s Club at such a low price you can’t resist.

How good is Nutri milk, according to Profeco?

Profeco conducted a study of 20 dairy products, including the Nutri brand, taking into account factors such as healthy quality, density, non-grade solids and density, and determined the following:

  • all: Contains at least 30 grams of fat per liter.
  • Semi-skimmed. Contains 16 to 18 grams of fat per liter.
  • Partial skimming. Contains 6 to 28 grams of fat per liter.
  • Skim. Contains up to 5 grams of fat per liter.

Based on this, Profeco determined that Nutri milk is a pasteurized dairy product blended with vegetable fats and also contains vitamins A, D, B1, B2, B5 and iron.

What stands out most about this milk is its price, as it is even better than other milks that cost twice as much.

How much does Nutri milk cost at Sam’s Club?

As we mentioned before, Sam’s Club is showing off the price of this 12-dollar, one-liter box of Nutri milk.

You can currently find it for 234 pesos.The best thing is, if you want, you can buy it by searching for code 000023703 on

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