Samsung confirms Galaxy Ring launch, but don’t get excited just yet

Samsung confirms it’s working on rumored issue galaxy ring. The launch of the new Galaxy S24 ended with the official announcement of a smart ring designed to track physical activity and other health-related variables (stress, sleep quality, etc.). “Powerful and easy to use”describing the Korean manufacturer but providing no further details.

In a brief preview, Samsung said the device will use artificial intelligence to monitor some health metrics. He said this will change “the shape of health in the future, and only Samsung can do this.”

About price or release date?not yet. According to a Samsung app last year, the new Galaxy Ring is expected to arrive sometime this year.

From the outside, it is a ring with a large number of sensors visible only on its inner surface. According to past leaks, the new products in Samsung’s catalog will offer features typical of such devices. Wearable device.In principle, the aim is to Ourawhich is the main reference in the industry today.

Samsung said in the demo that its technology will allow us to “stay connected in more meaningful ways, unleash creativity and develop healthier habits.” “This is just the beginning, we can’t wait for you to try it for yourself,” he added. That’s all.

This is what we know about the Samsung Galaxy Ring

Samsung Galaxy Ring: Will speculation become reality?  (Image credit: Pexels/Bruno Ticianelli)Samsung Galaxy Ring: Will speculation become reality?  (Image credit: Pexels/Bruno Ticianelli)
Samsung Galaxy Ring (Image credit: Pexels/Bruno Ticianelli)

The Galaxy Ring should leverage the existing Samsung Health app ecosystem.In fact, the company announced New updates for the device and its health app. between them, Vitality, a scoring system for our level of recovery in certain health indicators.There is still one replenishment cardpowered by artificial intelligence.

The first clues to the possible features of the Galaxy Ring were revealed in a patent filed with South Korean authorities in 2022. The documents indicate, among other things, that the ring was used for: thermometer and measures the user’s heart rate.

These reports indicate that Samsung has partnered with Japanese company Meiko, which will be responsible for developing the ring’s in-house technology. Specifically, the printed circuit board will allow the connection of different components and the general operation of the device.

Previous patents have shown that the product may be integrated with other devices from the brand. For example, the ring can be used to control TV functions.In addition, with other Gadgets For this part, it will be linked to the mobile phone through a dedicated application.

Smart rings from other brands are currently on the market starting at $300, but it’s unclear whether Samsung will target a similar price.There has been such speculation before Possibility of Galaxy Ring being revealed to the public at CES 2024, Las Vegas Technology Expo, USA. But that didn’t happen. So we’ll have to wait a little longer to confirm full features and final pricing.

As for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, the company announced that the model is now available for pre-order. In Spain, the standard S24 is priced from €909, while the S24+ is priced from €1,159. The flagship of the series, the S24 Ultra, starts at €1,479.The latest generation of terminals brings new AI-powered features.

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