Samsung introduces a new TV remote control. Charges via Wi-Fi

During the CES trade fair, Samsung presented a new remote control for its TV sets. Eco Remote uses radio waves from the router to stay charged. It will also fill the power shortages thanks to solar energy.

The Eco Remote is a TV remote control developed by Samsung that can be charged with solar energy. The South Korean company has now added a feature to it that allows the pilot to keep the cargo through “collecting radio waves from routers and converting them into energy”.

The solution for obtaining energy from radio waves is practical only in the case of devices with low power consumption. For this reason, they are very rarely found in technological gadgets. Fortunately, TV remotes are low-energy accessories.

The new Samsung remote control can still be charged with both external and internal light and via the USB-C port. Obviously, the last option will give you the fastest results.

The TV of the Year 2021: Not just watching TV, but so much more

The TV of the Year 2021: Not just watching TV, but so much more

It is worth emphasizing that Samsung does not introduce innovative solutions for show-off. The company’s goal is to reduce the use of AAA batteries in its products. The technology giant estimates that the transition to remote controls powered by unconventional energy sources will avoid the consumption of 99 million batteries in seven years.

Televisions with NFT support

Samsung also announced that it is planning extensive support for the NFT, starting with a TV line planned for 2022.

“With the growing demand for NFT, the need for a solution to today’s fragmented viewing and buying landscape has never been greater,” said Samsung in a press release. “In 2022, Samsung introduces the world’s first TV-based NFT Explorer and Market Aggregator, a groundbreaking platform that lets you browse, buy and view your favorite artworks – all in one place.”

See the difference - OLED technology and gaming

See the difference – OLED technology and gaming

Samsung’s platform is to allow creators to share their creativity. In contrast, potential buyers will be able to preview the NFT before purchasing and learn more about their history and blockchain metadata.

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