Samsung listened to users. They have been waiting for such a professional mode in the camera for years

Professional mode hit Samsung cameras years ago. For a long time, however, it was reserved only for the main camera, and only recently has support for ultra-wide-angle lenses appeared.

Samsung has consistently omitted telephoto lenses, which it has been using since 2017. The software did not allow you to switch to a longer focal length and manually select even ISO or shutter speed. However, this is exactly what is changing.

Expert RAW is Samsung’s more extensive professional mode

The new feature didn’t make its debut with a software update, but it is available from a separate application.

The Expert RAW app can now be downloaded on the Galaxy S21 Ultra and thus use the manual mode on all four cameras.

In the case of 3x and 10x telephoto lenses, it is possible to extend the exposure time to 15 seconds, which opens up new possibilities, e.g. for painting with light.

At the time of writing, the program is not yet available in the Polish Galaxy Apps store. However, you will find a download link above.

Expert RAW is also 16-bit photos

Another new feature is the ability to take raw photos in as much as 16 bits.

In the classic 8-bit mode, the camera can save 256 shades of each sub-pixel, which gives a total of 16 777 216 colors that can be generated.

In the 16-bit RAW mode, there are as many as 65,536 possible to obtain red, green and blue sub-pixels. This gives a total of 281 474 976 710 656 different colors). This is over 16.7 million times more than in 8-bit mode and more than the 10-bit screen of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra can ever generate.

Such a large color palette gives greater flexibility in processing. By manipulating the sliders, you can bring out details that are not visible at first glance.

Samsung has even prepared a special profile for the mobile Lightroom that facilitates photo editing.

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