Samsung, Patented a Smartphone Spectrometer That Monitors Users’ Health


In the future, Samsung could implement a spectrometer with numerous functions on its smartphones.

Samsung would seem willing to renew its smartphone sensors by introducing a spectrometer. As emerges from a recent patent, reported by Let’sGoDigital, the tool would allow expanding the functionality of the rear camera.

The technology could, in fact, measure the amount of sugar in fruits and the moisture of the skin, but it could also be used to provide data on the heartbeat and stress level of the user who is using the device.

Furthermore, it would be able to replace some of the sensors intended for 3D face scanning when paired with a front camera.

At the moment it is not clear whether these changes will be integrated into the future or not Galaxy smartphone, but the South Korean home would not be the first to offer this kind of feature on the mobile market. In 2017, the Chinese company ChengHong announced ChangHong H2, the first spectrometer phone.

Below is the drawing attached to the patent documentation.

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