Samsung presents a new idea for multimedia consumption. The Freestyle portable projector [CES 2022]

Samsung The Frestyle is a combination of a projector, a smart speaker and a solution that provides atmospheric lighting. All this is closed in a small housing, and the whole weighs only 830 g. Thanks to the rotating stand (180 degrees) it is possible to display video materials on any space: wall, table, floor and even ceiling.

Photo: Samsung / Samsung

Samsung The Freestyle supports automatic Keystone correction and leveling, and in combination with auto focus, it allows you to display high-quality images up to 100 inches in size with undisturbed aspect ratio regardless of the display surfaces. So you don’t need much effort to enjoy a 100-inch image, the projector will automatically select the most important settings.

The equipment is powered by a battery, and also works with external USB-PB models, but must have a power of 50 W / 20 V. You can also power it traditionally from a mains socket or (which is new on the market) from the E2 lighting socket.

Photo: Samsung / Samsung

In addition to displaying Samsung The Freestyle movies, thanks to the transparent lens cap and Ambient mode, it can also create atmospheric lighting in the room, and analyze the music played through its smart speaker and adjust visual effects to it.

Photo: Samsung / Samsung

The possibility of comfortable use of the device is ensured by the built-in software, which in terms of functionality resembles the Smart TV known from Samsung TVs. Thanks to it, we get access to streaming services such as Netflix or HBO Go, we can directly stream multimedia from devices running Android and iOS.

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